Glass Home Fixes and Remedies

Windows are the eyes of your home. They’re as essential as your eyes are to your body. Without windows, you wouldn’t have natural light illuminating your home. And who wants a home or business that’s dark and dungeness?

Windows also improve your home’s energy efficiency, especially if they’re made with Energy Efficient Low-E glass.

But glass isn’t impenetrable. What happens if your window glass cracks? The truth is, a glass crack poses safety risks and usually requires window repair, if not a complete replacement. 

So, how can you fix a glass crack? In this article, the glass experts at AMG Mirror &and Glass will get into some common ways that window glass might break, and more importantly, how to fix a crack in a glass window. 

Will My Window Glass Ever Crack?

Windows crack all the time. The worst part – sometimes they crack without even being struck! Cracks might not seem like a big deal at first, but it’s important to address them ASAP. Eventually, a little window crack can turn into a broken window. Here are a few common causes of window cracks:

1. Thermal Stress

thermal window crack

Windows get stressed out too. Specifically, extreme temperatures can cause serious damage. Thermal stress cracks occur when temperature changes expand the glass of a window. 

Generally, hot temperatures cause the glass to expand, while cooler temperatures cause the glass to shrink. With a perpendicular angle creating the crack, thermal stress cracks commonly occur in the spring and fall, where temperatures vary between day and night.

2. Impact Cracks

cracked storefront glass

If you kick your soccer ball too hard and it hits a store window, an impact crack is usually the result. Impact cracks are one of the most common kinds of window cracks and appear as a starburst pattern growing from a central point. These cracks occur when something strikes a window, like a rock, bat, or ball.

3. Pressure Cracks

storefront glass repair or replacement

Pressure cracks occur with changes in pressure due to the weather, or when a window is installed at either too high or too low an elevation. These cracks are rare, but are difficult to fix and often require a new window installation altogether. Most pressure cracks have curved, hourglass patterns.

How to Fix a Crack in a Glass Window

These days, there’s a DIY process for everything, including window cracks. While we don’t recommend home remedies as long-term solutions, you might find some of these tips helpful for the interim.

Home Glass Repair

1. Tape the Crack

Use masking tape to stabilize the window pane. You should add the tape to both sides of the crack.

2. Clean Glass with Nail Polish Remover

You can clean a glass’s surface with acetone (nail polish remover) and glue.

3. Seal Gaps

Examine your windows carefully, and check the window frame and glass for gaps. Then, seal the gaps with a caulking gun.

4. Use Plastic

Temporarily insulate your windows with plastic. You can find plastic insulation kits online or at your local hardware store.

5.  Try Bubble Wrap

Use bubble wrap as insulation between storm window panes. The bubbly air pockets offer more heat than cardboard would.

Expert Glass Repair in Toronto

Home remedies are great, quick fixes if you need to buy a bit of time before you invest in professional, expert glass repair. But, home remedies aren’t permanent solutions. They don’t provide the same energy efficiency benefits that a professional glass repair service can. 

At AMG Mirror & Glass, we offer top-notch service and expertise that we’ve built over the last 35 years. Unlike any home remedy, we’re interested in functionality, security, and aesthetics. We also pay attention to detail and offer custom glass solutions to fit your every need. Finally, we make energy-efficient standards for our windows a top priority. 

Some of our services include:

Another high-quality part of AMG’s service is our 24/7 emergency glass replacement. We know life happens, and security is top of mind in the event of a broken door or window. At AMG, we offer emergency services for any of the following needs:

    • Window glass replacement 
    • Glass Partitions
    • Safety and tempered glass
    • Storefront and office glass repair
    • Office glass
    • …and more. 

Easy & Quick Glass Tips

We encourage you to try those little home fixes. They might do the trick for minor issues. However, if you want a permanent, energy-efficient solution to fixing your window cracks, you should consider consulting with our trained experts at AMG.

It’s as easy as 1 – Client Consultation. 2 – Quote. 3 – Manufacturing and Installation.