Custom Glass Railings


Are you looking to add elegance and sophistication to your hotel or residential space? Take your environment to the next level with customized glass railings!

Durable Protection

Made to last

Our custom glass railings are strong, durable, and made to last. Made of high-quality locally produced glass, your custom glass railings will be made to withstand severe weather when used on decks, rooftops, patios, and other exterior spaces.

Modern Design

Made to Enhance

Customized glass railing systems provide a seamless, modern look that adds value to any property. Seamlessly integrate glass railings within any building’s existing indoor or outdoor elements, and provide an unobstructed enhanced view of your space.

Unique to you

Made for You

At AMG, your customization options are endless. Fully customize your glass railing in a few simple steps, or speak with our expert design team. Choose from countless colour, texture and size options to make your space uniquely yours.


How long does glass railing installation take?

Glass railing installation on site is generally a quick process since most of the preparation work is done beforehand, including cutting the glass panels to size. As a result, the installation process typically involves installing the base shoe or spigots and sliding in the pre-cut glass panels, with very little need for on-site fabrication.

What types of glass can be used for railings?

There are generally two types of glass that are commonly used for railings: tempered and laminated. Tempered glass is strengthened through a heat treatment process that makes it highly durable and resistant to impacts. Laminated glass involves bonding two or more pieces of glass together, providing additional durability and safety benefits. When laminated glass is broken, the pieces tend to stay together, which enhances its security features. Ultimately, the choice of glass type will depend on various factors, such as the intended use, safety requirements, and design preferences.

How thick is railing glass?

The thickness of railing glass typically depends on several factors, including the location of installation, the type of railing system being used, and local building codes that govern safety requirements.

What different systems do you have for glass railings?

There are numerous systems available for creating glass railings, with several popular options including spigots, base shoe tracks, and post-mounted systems. Spigots consist of small stands that are mounted to the surface and used to hold the glass panels upright, while base shoe tracks are solid tracks that are mounted to the surface to provide support for the glass. Post-mounted systems, on the other hand, use posts and clamps to hold the glass panels in place.