Luxurious bathroom in gray colors with a window on the wall

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures


Thinking of updating your bathroom? Let the beauty of your tiles shine through with our sleek and modern glass shower enclosures, designed to maximize natural light and give a spacious feel. Whether for a residential renovation or a commercial update, ditch the curtains for a luxurious transformation.

The Sustainable Choice

Eco-Elegance and Easy To Maintain

Glass is a sustainable, non-toxic, highly recyclable material, so you are opting for an eco-friendly solution by choosing a shower enclosure. It’s a go-to choice for green architects as it adds incredible elegance and is environmentally friendly. This is more than just a product – it’s a commitment to a greener environment and stunning aesthetics.

Increase Your Property Value

An Investment That Pays Off

A well-designed bathroom can substantially increase your home’s market value. Our glass shower enclosures provide a contemporary touch and are a sought-after feature for potential investors. Make a smart, lasting investment while making your bathroom design a reality.

Showcase Your Space

Stunning Appeal and Functionality

Transform your bathroom into a visually stunning space, allowing natural light to pass through and showcase your chosen finishes, like tiles and stonework. Experience beauty, clarity, and a spacious feel every time you step. Instantly upgrade your space while making an intelligent investment.

We’re Customization Experts

Shapes for Every Design Vision

Every bathroom is unique, and so are your design ideas. With AMG’s shower door enclosures, we don’t just offer standard solutions. Whether you desire a curved section for a corner shower or a distinctive shape for a standout design, we ensure your shower enclosure is as unique as your vision. Create a personalized oasis from various finishes to diverse glass options.

Glass Shower Enclosures FAQs

Are the glass shower doors durable and safe?

Crafted from tempered glass, which is resistant to breakage, our shower enclosures stand out for their durability and safety. They’re designed to withstand high levels of heat, moisture, and daily wear and tear, ensuring you have a product that’s built to last and prevent injury.

Can I customize the design of my shower enclosure?

From classic shower door enclosures to more complex custom designs such as rounded or geometric ones, we build solutions around your creative ideas. Discuss your vision with us, and we’ll bring it to life. Glass shower enclosures are tailored to fit any bathroom size or layout and are available in various sizes, finishes, and glass thicknesses. Create a personalized, unique shower space that suits your preferences and complements your overall vision for your space.

Are these enclosures just about aesthetics?

Glass shower doors and enclosures are not just about adding a contemporary touch, but they have many hygienic benefits. Many people don’t know, but shower curtains can be fertile ground for mould and bacteria. Glass surfaces naturally repel bacteria and are less prone to mould accumulation. Glass enclosures are also custom-made to fit your shower’s dimensions perfectly, so they prevent water from escaping.

Are glass shower enclosures low maintenance?

Glass shower enclosures are more hassle-free than cleaning or replacing shower curtains. Get rid of the old curtain look that requires regular replacement or washing. A simple routine with a mild cleanser and squeegee removes spots and residue from glass door enclosures. Specialized glass cleansers do the trick seamlessly for tougher stains like hard water marks and mineral deposits.