Elevators play an essential role in many people’s daily lives, and it’s important that their cabins maintain a perfect balance between functionality, safety, and aesthetic design.


Advances in technology over the years have changed how elevators operate and look, including the use of safety glass for elevator cabs. From subtle or standout painted designs to sleek observation glass cabs, you have many options at your disposal with AMG Mirror & Glass. 

Benefits of Elevator Cab Safety Glass

A well-lit, transparent, observation elevator feels modern, spacious and allows for natural light. Besides, it has many other functions and safety benefits.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Using glass panels allows for sufficient sunlight to pass through, and reduce the cost and need for electricity. 

  • Enhanced Visibility: Glass cabs provide riders with a 360-degree view of the environment, making the home or office feel more welcoming and open. Show off your beautiful external or internal landscape with an unobstructed view.

  • Modern Design: Glass cabs appear more modern and spacious when compared to the traditional elevator, offering the rider a more elevated experience. 

Safety & Reliability: AMG Mirror & Glass’ laminated glass provides multiple layers of protection. In the long run, if the glass cracks, the internal layers remain intact and keep the glass in place. In addition to the physical characteristics of transparent laminated glass, observation elevators in parking lots add an additional layer of safety, due to the fact it is transparent. People inside the car can be seen while riding the elevator, which makes it less likely that the passenger will be subjected to any suspicious behavior from another passenger.

Maintaining Glass Elevator Cabs

Is your elevator dark or do you find it difficult to clean? It’s time to switch to glass elevator cabs! Glass is a unique material because it does not absorb anything, and is an ideal hygienic material for high traffic areas. With its smooth surface, glass elevator cabs are incredibly easy to keep clean, as they can be washed like any other glass surface or mirror. Not to mention, they require zero maintenance. All of our glass and mirror products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s defect warranty, and we provide 24-hour emergency glass repair and replacement services when needed.

Take Your Elevator to the Next Level

There are several ways you can incorporate glass into your unique elevator cab:


Interior Elevator Glass 

Whether it is a personal or commercial elevator you’re planning to modernize, you can custom design the interior as per your unique style and preferences. Our partner K Elevator’s custom design studio helps you create your unique design in under ten minutes. You can choose from AMG’s standard or obscure glass to matte and satin finishes to fulfill every personalized design purpose. 


Glass Wall Panels

There are several options when designing your elevator panel layout. Depending on your budget, the options are endless. You can create a smooth, minimalist pattern or create a colourful, bright design by mixing and matching various kinds of glass. We can customize your glass to provide different textures, colours, or graphics – the choice is yours!


Elevator Lobbies First impressions are everything. The elevator experience doesn’t start when a person steps into the elevator – it begins at the elevator lobby, waiting for the cab and pressing the call button. Capture your elevator rider’s attention by providing them with a premium, high quality experience. Using safety glass in the lobbies will reflect the beauty and prepare the rider for a safer and more meaningful ride. 

Customize Your Elevators Using Glass with K Elevator & AMG

It’s time to take your elevator to the next level. Provide your riders with a safe, functional and comfortable experience every time they take the ride. At AMG Mirror & Glass, we help you choose from a unique range of elevator cab safety glass right from mirrored and acid-etched to other glass combinations. As AMG is a division of K Elevator, you will also have the opportunity to work with their the interior cab experts who will help you with visual design and direction.